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Primoris / 5th Avenue

5th Avenue. Will help physicians stay independent. With the healthcare coalition of Oklahoma (an association of independent physicians) will collaborate with Primoris for their credentialing and Fifth Avenue for their malpractice coverage. We will offer eligible members a 15% discount for their medical malpractice insurance premiums.

Advantage Healthcare Associates

AHA will partner with the CNOO to create a savings program offering members a substantial savings on most everything for their practice. The CNOO-Save program has 2 savings components.1) Offers excellent pricing with more than two dozen brand items. 2) Provides access to a group purchasing organization for CNOO members saving an average between 15 and 35% on items for their medical office supplies and equipment.

EXP-Reality / NIA Sullivan Group.

This Residential and Commercial group will be a true asset to our independent physicians negotiating a fair market lease or purchase contract anywhere within the State of Oklahoma. This team has extensive knowledge of the medical real estate market, and a proven ability to successfully guide clients through the complexities of office space financing, construction, and development. The team specializes in medical office properties and residential listings. They will provide a 25% discount for our independent physicians.

Goldman Baxter Healthcare

Since 2009 GB and HWA has been providing full-service medical marketing solutions to independent specialty practices of all shapes and sizes. The company's mission is to help practices attract and retain patients using a data-driven strategy with creative ideas that produce measurable results via traditional, digital, outbound and inbound marketing tactics and personal one-on-one interaction with there physician practices.

Healthcare UPDOX

Through an extensive direct messaging network and platform of apps, UPDox will assist various healthcare providers including physicians and patients payers, patients pharmacy‘s, labs and healthcare partners. Once part of this UpDox program, the network of users or partners can excess a full suite of applications including secure messaging, patient portal, appointment scheduling with credit card payments, health alerts with goal-driven improved outcomes. CNOO members will be offered a 25% discount in the first three months of signing up.

TenLuke Management

Management Services, Billing, Ancillary Services, APEX, DME, Sleep Testing, WOPPAR Billing Program. 

Access Care Oklahome 

This ACO offers enormous opportunity for patients and providers to work together to enhance quality of care, reduce cost, and improve health outcomes. 

Accel Technology

Providing innovative business solutions which includes IT Services and networking, managed and cloud services, business communications and cabling and network infrastructure

Banc First

No monthly service charge. • Internet Banking with mobile access. • Mobile check deposits. • Money Management. . 25,000 LOC with opening of new account. (per credit approval)

Partnership Healthcare Web Apps

We are a Marketing Company that is focused on helping physicians connect more with their customers & increase revenue by leveraging mobile technology to attract customers. * Social Media Management     * SEO     *Web Design     *Mobile Apps     * Google Ads * Artificial Intelligent Chat Bots     * Sales Funnels     * Google Reviews Enhancement * Social Media Optimization     * Social Media Video Services     * Off Page SEO

Patient Choice Coalition

Patient Choice Coalition Member Benefits/ Dan Chepkauskas (Executive Director) 1. Offers complaint resolution through the Department of Insurance and Attorney Generals office 2. The Patient Choice Coalition handles your anemic and unpaid claims by filing an “Official Complaint and Supporting Documents Package” 3. The Patient Choice Coalition fights on your behalf to reinstate provider contracts that have been terminated solely for out-of-network referrals 4. Handcrafted legislation for each particular CNOO member.

Third Party Administrators 

Strategic Alliance with multiple Third Party Administrator. Yet to be determined. 

Vantage Diagnostic Imaging 

Imaging Discounts. 

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